San Diego, CA

This $700 million project involved the construction expansion of the San Diego International Airport Terminal 2. Major construction elements in the project included a major expansion of Terminal 2 by adding ten additional gates and a doubling of the terminal dining and shopping venue. Included in the construction was the expansion of the Terminal 2 apron and the addition of overnight airplane parking.

The bridges and EDR were constructed utilizing portable and movable aluminum falsework support fly tables consisting of large segmental aluminum panels, which were fitted with WWR and placed via crane atop the falsework creating the lower form for the lower box section. Metal formwork side panels were placed followed by the installation of reinforcing steel into the lower portion of the lower box. Outside, diagonal wall reinforcing steel and top steel for the lower box was then installed in the lower box section and inside diagonal wall, the installation was then installed followed by the placement of the lower box base and sidewalls. Reinforcing steel was then installed in the upper deck, side barrier, and top overhang, and the top deck was placed and screeded.

CTE also provided engineering and inspection services during the installation of all aboveground utilities and communications lines within the EDR and adjacent Smart Curb Pavilions (SCPs). These services were performed during the installation of storm drain, electrical and communications lines, and systems to ensure compliance with the project plans, specifications, and approved submittals. Services included the observation of line testing within the EDR and SCPs. In all, more than 50 miles of aboveground utility conduits containing hundreds of miles of utilities and cable were installed and observed.

CTE's laboratory provided materials testing for the concrete, masonry, steel, and fireproofing.