Southwestern Community College – Chula Vista, CA

This new 58,000 SF field house majestically overlooks Southwestern Community College's recently renovated Devore Stadium in Chula Vista, CA. The state-of-the-art, four-story, partially subterranean building encloses the campus-facing end zone and greets campus visitors entering from the northwest campus access. The building contains a team locker and training facilities at the playing field level, strength and conditioning facilities on the second level, four new classrooms and a 140-seat mixed media auditorium on the third level, and Heath and Exercise Sciences faculty offices and tutorial spaces for student-athletes on the top floor. The project also includes several ancillary stadium-related buildings, as well as photovoltaic canopy structures, a major utility loop element, and the construction of artificial turf practice fields.

CTE provided geotechnical redesign, dewatering evaluation, soils construction control, and special inspections, and construction material testing services during construction. These services included the installation of more than 300 soil nails for the permanent shotcrete retaining system, reinforced shotcrete for the building walls, reinforced concrete for foundations, reinforced masonry walls, all visual structural steel welding and non-destructive examination (NDE) of welds, high strength bolting, and fireproofing inspection for building frames. CTE's laboratory provided all materials testing for the project, including shotcrete, concrete, masonry, mortar, and grout compression testing, steel bolts and fireproofing.