A Single Source Engineering firm

CTE’s diversification lessens the burden on the owner or project team to identify appropriately qualified and experienced firms for their project, promotes a smooth transition from design to construction or from one phase of a project to another, and benefits the owner by readily having a collective staff of well-trained, experienced, and diversified engineers and specialists to maximize value engineering.

Our goal is to work closely with our clients and their design and development team to complete their projects within budget and on schedule. Our staff adheres to very strict written quality assurance standards and procedures and recognizes producing a high quality product as the company's first and primary goal.


Founded in 1989, Construction Testing & Engineering, Inc. (CTE) commenced operations with two professional engineers and one engineering geologist. Over the past 25 plus years, CTE has grown to become a large regional multi-disciplined engineering company employing more than 150 professionals. Locally owned and operated, CTE today is a leading engineering firm primarily doing business in the southwestern United States. From offices located in San Diego County, Riverside, Ventura, and Pasadena, California, CTE provides geotechnical, environmental, and civil engineering, survey, construction inspection, and materials testing services for owners, developers, contractors, and public entities within the communities we reside.

Professional Staff

CTE’s breadth of diversified expertise available to project owners and their representatives begins with Geotechnical Engineers and Certified Engineering Geologists that work closely with project owners, developers, architects, or their representatives and have performed investigations and hazard assessments for thousands of projects with literally all possible site conditions.

Past projects have included deep foundation design, site specific seismic response development, ground modification, slope stability analyses, and typical grading control. Past project types have included high-rise and mid-rise office buildings, hotels, condominiums and apartments, casinos, universities, and various K-12 public school projects, churches, shopping malls, residential developments, industrial parks, earth and rock fill dams, as well as hundreds of US Navy, US Army Corps, Federal Highway, State, City, Municipal, and Utility projects. CTE takes an innovative approach to all of our complex projects to provide the owner’s design and development team with the best alternatives possible no matter what the site conditions may be.

CTE’s construction material testing and special structural inspection capabilities include all on and offsite field inspections and materials testing required to be performed on virtually all most construction projects. CTE can perform all California and Uniform Building Code, Federal, State, and local municipality required inspections and construction materials testing. CTE employs a large staff of ICC- and local municipality-certified inspectors for reinforced concrete, post-tension concrete, reinforced masonry, structural and high-strength steel, fireproofing, wood framing, general building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing inspections.

Registrations / Licenses / Certifications / Accreditations

RCE | CE | GE | CEG | PE | PG | REA | LS

Personnel Certifications

ICC | ACI | NICET | ASTM | DSA Masonry | AWS / CWI | Hazwopper
DSA Inspector of Record / Assistant Inspector | Radiation Safety | Piledriving Inspection

Geotechnical Engineering

Recognized as a leader in efficient geotechnical engineering, CTE continues a history of developing effective designs.

Civil Engineering Design

CTE’s Civil Engineers complement our diversified capabilities with their expertise in site design and storm water compliance.

Construction Inspection

CTE’s construction and special structural inspection capabilities are unmatched and include all on and offsite field inspection required to be performed on nearly any construction project.

Construction Surveying

Construction Testing & Engineering, Inc. provides a comprehensive range of licensed survey options for all aspects of residential, commercial, and industrial site layout, mapping, and plan requirements.

Materials Testing Laboratory

To serve the diverse requirements of our regional clientele, CTE operates multiple accredited, independent, and full capacity laboratory facilities located at our corporate and branch offices.

Environmental Engineering

CTE’s breadth of diversified expertise available to project owners and their representatives begins with Environmental Assessment Specialists consisting of Professional Engineers and Engineering Geologists (PEs and CEGs) and Registered Environmental Assessors (REAs).